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Tea Royal Blend Coffee & Tea House gives you the finest
in gourmet Herbal Tea. Our committment to quality
means the best possible tea for you, our valued
customer. All our teas are imported from Europe.

Your order will be shipped within two working days
of receipt.

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Our chai is a masterful blend of full-bodied black teas; skillfullied mixed with fragrant cinnamon, cardamon, allspice, cloves and black pepper. The mixture is lightly sweetened with sparkling sugar crystals.

$11.85 Pound
$6.40 Half-pound
$3.35 Fourth-pound
Lemon Grass
Pink flowers, lemon zested herbs and hues of green leaves and grasses infuse this invigorating and refreshing cup of tea.

$8.85 Pound
$4.95 Half-pound
$2.20 Fourth-pound
Monk`s Prayer (Chamomile)
The heavenly blend of fresh mint and subtle chamomile makes this tea truly relaxing and exceptionally aromatic.

$13.55 Pound
$7.30 Half-pound
$3.80 Fourth-pound
The fresh and aromatic leaves of peppermint grass make this a truly refreshing cup.

$8.85 Pound
$4.95 Half-pound
$2.20 Fourth-pound
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberries, kiwi, apple pieces, rosehips, lemon and orange peel all combine to flavorful and colorful brew.

$11.85 Pound
$6.40 Half-pound
$3.35 Fourth-pound

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