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Tea Royal Blend Coffee & Tea House gives you the finest
in gourmet Green Tea. Our committment to quality
means the best possible tea for you, our valued
customer. All our teas are imported from Europe.

Your order will be shipped within two working days
of receipt.

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Choice Oolong
Formosa Oolongs capture the finest flavor and aromatic qualities of both green and black teas. Our rare Black Dragon Oolong yields a honey-colored liquor, with a flowery sweetness and delicate, peach-like aroma.

$18.55 Pound
$9.95 Half-pound
$5.15 Fourth-pound
Dragon Well
China's most sought after green tea. Grown near the fabled city of Hangzhou where the dragons once lived, this exquisite tea is hand-harvested and has a sweet herb-like aroma.

$14.40 Pound
$7.75 Half-pound
$4.05 Fourth-pound
Panfired Green
This simple, elegant green tea is still created in the traditional family style. Leaves are hand-harvested, then steamed and fired in a large iron pan. The result is a rich jade-green liquid, which compliments all evening foods.

$10.25 Pound
$5.55 Half-pound
$3.80 Fourth-pound

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