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Tea Royal Blend Coffee & Tea House gives you the finest
in gourmet Black Tea. Our committment to quality
means the best possible tea for you, our valued
customer. All our teas are imported from Europe.

Your order will be shipped within two working days
of receipt.

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Ceylon High
This exquisite tea is from Ceylon's central mountains. This cherished large leaf tea produces a golden cup, full of aroma and intense flavor.

$7.75 Pound
$4.25 Half-pound
$2.25 Fourth-pound
Darjeeling (TGBOP)
Darjeeling, nestled in the Himalayas, produces the world's finest black teas. The high gardens allow the tea plants to develop slowly, creating leaves of unrivaled flavor. The tender young leaves produce a cup that is bright and crisp.

$11.35 Pound
$6.15 Half-pound
$3.25 Fourth-pound
Earl Grey
A tea that marries Northern China black teas with natural flavor oils pressed from the ripe bergamot fruit. The brew balances delicate citrus notes with rich, black tea.

$9.20 Pound
$5.15 Half-pound
$2.75 Fourth-pound
English Breakfast
Our blend of three black teas from the British Empire's favorite tea sources is the accepted classic of english blends.

$8.10 Pound
$4.45 Half-pound
$2.35 Fourth-pound
Produced in the bamboo and pine-covered mountains of Formosa, Lapsang is cured in fragrant clouds of cool pine smoke, which gently marries itself to the flavors of the tea. It is a deeply aromatic and a unique flavor experience.

$11.95 Pound
$6.45 Half-pound
$3.35 Fourth-pound

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