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CoffeeRoyal Blend Coffee & Tea House gives you the finest in gourmet Medium Roast coffees from around the globe, all with wonderful flavor and acidity. Our committment to quality coffee means the best possible brew for you, our valued customer. All our beans are roasted and packaged in New Orleans to assure the freshest available.

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Brazil Santos
Grown in the Santos region of Brazil, this coffee is mild and smooth with rich body and light acidity.

$8.10 Pound
$4.45 Half-pound
Celebes Kalossi
A small island in Indonesia produces this well-balanced coffee. It has a full body with a low acidity and is very aromatic.

$9.35 Pound
$5.85 Half-pound
Colombian Supremo
This premium Colombian bean is known for it's rich, mild flavor and balance. It has a full body with a nice clean aftertaste. *Available in DECAF.

$8.55 Pound
$4.65 Half-pound
$9.60 DECAF Pound
$5.20 DECAF Half-pound
Costa Rican Doka Estate
This coffee is very rich in flavor with good body and acidity. Grown on volcano poas at 8,500 feet, it is a delicious cup of coffee.

$8.99 Pound
$4.85 Half-pound
Ethiopian Yirgacheff
This coffee from the southeastern Ethiopian mountains is considered the finest coffee this country produces. It has a tangy, almost pungent quality and a delightful aroma.

$9.80 Pound
$5.30 Half-pound
Guatamala Antigua
Delicate, fruity flavor combines with sharp acidity in this coffee grown in Guatamala's Antigua region. It is nestled in the southwest mountains on the Pacific side of the country and is renouned for the coffee it produces.

$9.45 Pound
$5.10 Half-pound
Jamaica Blue Mountain
The most sought-after coffee in the world. It is produced only within a narrow radius of Blue Mountain Peak, on the east end of this Caribbean island. This bean has a perfect balance between body, acidity and flavor.

$44.25 Pound
$23.35 Half-pound
Kenya AA
Produced on the slopes of Mt. Kenya between 4,000 and 6,000 ft., a snappy, winey coffee with bright acidity awaits.

$11.95 Pound
$6.45 Half-pound
Mexican Altura Organic
To qualify as an Altura, the coffee must grow at 4,000 ft. or higher in altitude. Our Altura is certified organically grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It has a medium body, mild flavor and good acidity.

$8.99 Pound
$4.85 Half-pound
Mocha Java
Made from a blend of Indonesian and African coffees, it has a rich body from the Indonesian, with an interesting African flavor. *Available in DECAF.

$8.45 Pound
$4.60 Half-pound
$10.45 DECAF Pound
$5.65 DECAF Half-pound
Special House Blend
A mild morning coffee blended from Central and South American beans makes for a well-rounded cup of coffee.

$8.25 Pound
$4.50 Half-pound
Sumatra Mandheling
This Indonesian coffee is extremly full-bodied with low acidity and a velvety smoothness. It produces a hearty cup of coffee.

$8.70 Pound
$4.75 Half-pound
Tanzanian Peaberry
Tanzanian Peaberry's small, round beans pack a pleasant flavor, full of body and vibrancy. It is milder than the Kenya's, but it's lively, bright flavor is noteworthy.

$9.45 Pound
$5.15 Half-pound

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