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CoffeeRoyal Blend Coffee & Tea House gives you the finest in gourmet Dark Roast coffees from around the globe, all with wonderful flavor and aroma. Our committment to quality coffee means the best possible brew for you, our valued customer. All our beans are roasted and packaged in New Orleans to assure the freshest available.

Your order will be shipped within two working days of receipt.

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Café Reveille
Royal Blend's signature dark roast blend with good body and full flavor, slightly smokey.

$8.60 Pound
$4.65 Half-pound
New Orleans own!

$3.49 Pound
$1.85 Half-pound
Colombian French Roast
Roasted longer that "full city" yet not as dark as espresso. The longer roasting process causes the oil to come to the surface of the beans, causing a shiny gloss. It is traditionally blended with chicory for New Orleans-style coffee. *Available in DECAF.

$8.70 Pound
$4.75 Half-pound
$9.85 DECAF Pound
$5.35 DECAF Half-pound
Colombian Viennese
A half and half blend of medium and dark roast Colombian coffee with good body and aroma. Smooth and dessert-like, with the hint of lighter roasted coffees that add vibrancy points, upping the more subtle nuances of the brew. *Available in DECAF.

$8.45 Pound
$4.60 Half-pound
$9.85 DECAF Pound
$5.35 DECAF Half-pound
Costa Rican French
A crisp and sharp dark roasted coffee with good body and acidity.

$8.40 Pound
$4.60 Half-pound
Espresso Del Giorno
Our signature blend specially formulated for the traditional European espresso, roasted to a true Espresso roast. Excellent flavor and aroma, smooth body with a strong, not bitter, flavor. *Available in DECAF.

$8.60 Pound
$4.65 Half-pound
$9.85 DECAF Pound
$5.35 DECAF Half-pound
French Breakfast Blend
A rich blend that is roasted dark, yet tastes smooth and mild with a lighter than usual body.

$8.25 Pound
$4.50 Half-pound
Guatamalan French Roast
A delicate, almost fruity flavor with sharp acidity, roasted to a true french roast.

$8.95 Pound
$4.85 Half-pound
Kenya French Roast
A rich and winey flavor combines with a bright acidity to produce a hearty, dark-roasted cup of coffee.

$12.65 Pound
$6.85 Half-pound

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