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CookieTasty treats from Royal Blend Coffee and Tea House are
great to snack on with your coffee or tea, and they're great
to give as gifts during the holidays! These treats are all our
favorites here at the stores, and we're pleased to offer you
these great quality gourmet delectables.

Your order will be shipped within two working days
of receipt.

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Biscotti Cookie Bags
Plain Tosca or Mezz Amore Cioccolotti (7oz).

Bronco Bob`s Wild Cookies
Toffee Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies (5.5oz).

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans
Available in Dark, White or Christmas Red & Green Chocolate.

$2.25 Fourth-pound
$2.25 DARK Fourth-pound
$2.25 WHITE Fourth-pound
$2.25 XMAS Fourth-pound
Creamy Creole Pralines (1/2 doz)
New Orleans own traditional creamy pecan pralines.

Lady Walton Gourmet Cookies
White Chocolate Amaretto Wafer Cookies (5.5 oz).

Mexican Melipone Vanilla
5oz. shaker bottle


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